DISCxTALK ‘Ukrainian (His)story’

DISCxTALK ‘Ukrainian (His)story’ 18 sep. 14:00 – 15:30

On 18 sep, from 14:00 – 15:30, DISC is hosting a special fundraising event at the StadsOase Spinozahof to collect donations for Ukrainian refugees in The Netherlands, together with Anje Robertson.

Anje Robertson is a beautiful Storyteller, a trained historian and a skilled teacher. Over the past years, she has researched the history of the Ukrainian region and will show us what has happened there over the past  – say roughly – 2000 years. What are the events that came before this war? What dynamics have been playing in the region already for centuries? Who’s powers have been clashing with whom’s? And how did we end up here? Anje will bring it all to us, entwined with local ancient folktales.

This is a benefit. So, we are trying to raise money here for a good cause. We also want to create awareness of how regular people – just like you and I – find themselves caught in a power struggle they don’t want and we try to educate ourselves on what dynamics and histories have led to this situation. The €10 subscription fee is to cover the basics costs to organize this event (location, catering, transport, etc.) BUT THE MAIN OBJECTIVE OF THE EVENT is to collect donations for the good cause; so please bring those in cash. There will be a box to put your donations in. And we would love it to be lots of it. (but only as much as you can spare!)

For more information, to buy tickets, and/or to donate you can follow this link: https://www.discstorytelling.com/event-info/discxtalk-ukrainian-his-story